Win Free ADA Cardano

emoji_events Every 5 days, we run a Cardano lottery on allowing you to win a prize in ADA.

To play, it is really easy : Simply enter your staking address into the form below and a name or nickname so we can announce the winner. You will also need to be a delegator to our Pool. Stake at least 500 ADA and your participation will be valid for every epoch.

Every 5 Days, we invite you to open this page and register to play again. The lottery will be cancelled if we do not meet the required number of participants. If that happens, the prize will be added to the next lottery round. If you are the winner, we will directly transfer the ADA prize to your wallet. Feel free to participate as often as you like! ;)

Lottery Inscription Lottery Epoch

Need help finding your staking address ? Come and ask us on 888Pool Telegram Group

We will never contact you directly about the lottery, dismiss any contact asking you for information. Never ever give your seed phrase to anyone!

How to Play ?

  • Stake At Least on 888Pool [Ticker: 888]
  • Enter your Staking Address in this page
  • One entry valid per Epoch
  • You can play every Epochs (Every 5 Days)
  • You Can Win More Than Once

Current Lottery

  • Prize :
  • Stakers Participating : / (Lottery Not Yet Validated)
  • Winner Annoncement :
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Current Participants

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    Stake ADA With Us

    group To delegate your ADA with us, you will need to install a Cardano Wallet. We recommend using Yoroi or Daedalus as they are the official wallets from Cardano. Yoroi allows you to start staking really quick, Daedalus requires more time as it needs to download the entire blockchain into your computer. After installing the wallet, transfer some ADA to your wallet and within the wallet software, look for the delegation section, search for '888' or '888Pool' and you will find us. Feel free to contact us if you need some help setting up your wallet and/or staking with us!