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sentiment_satisfied_alt Behind the label 888Pool we stand, two brothers from South Tyrol in Northern Italy. Young, versatile interested, burning for technology and all its facets. We already have several years of experience in server administration.

In addition, we have been intensively educating ourselves in crypto (market and technology) since 2015. We finally invested in Cardano at the end of 2017. In fall 2020 we have decided to use our technically distinctive know-how to open our own Staking Pool.

We believe in the future potential of POS Cryptocurrencies and are convinced that the crypto market and Cardano in particular will flourish. We can identify with this and are part of the innovation with our Pool.

For further questions just contact us, we also speak German and Italian.

Jonas - Pool Operator
Elias - Pool Operator

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  Bolzano | South Tyrol | Italy

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Stake ADA With Us

group To delegate your ADA with us, you will need to install a Cardano Wallet. We recommend using Yoroi or Daedalus as they are the official wallets from Cardano. Yoroi allows you to start staking really quick, Daedalus requires more time as it needs to download the entire blockchain into your computer. After installing the wallet, transfer some ADA to your wallet and within the wallet software, look for the delegation section, search for '888' or '888Pool' and you will find us. Feel free to contact us if you need some help setting up your wallet and/or staking with us!