About Us

Behind the label 888Pool we stand, two brothers from South Tyrol in
Northern Italy. Young, versatile interested, burning for technology and
all its facets. We already have several years of experience in server
administration. In addition, we have been intensively educating
ourselves in crypto (market and technology) since 2015. We finally
invested in Cardano at the end of 2017. In fall 2020 we have decided to
use our technically distinctive know-how to open our own Pool.
We believe in the future potential of Cryptocurrencies and are convinced
that the crypto market and Cardano in particular will flourish. We can
identify with this and are part of the innovation with our Pool. For
further questions just contact us, we also speak German and Italian.

About Hardware

Our goal is to offer you a good stable hardware with the lowest possible
Pool conditions. Currently our equipment consists of 1 Block Producer
and 6 Relay Nodes. Our server structure runs both locally and in the
cloud, combining the best of two worlds (two dedicated servers are
hosted in Germany, one in the United States, one in Singapore and three
servers are run locally at our headquarters in Italy). All Nodes have an
excellent internet connection with at least 100MB up/down, 16GB RAM and
NVMe SSDs. We guarantee that our Nodes have an uptime of 99.9%, so that  
we do not miss any Block.

Operated by

JoEl Tech
Bolzano | South Tyrol | Italy

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