Our Pool ID is: 7c5fd84421a68f545d09ad8580b2a154a7bb6f79f4a3a8acb4d15e27. You can also search 888Pool by using our Ticker “888”

An Epoch in the Cardano network is a measurement of time. This measurement equates to about 5 day each epoch. So a new epoch will start at the end of each epoch on an every 5 days schedule.

When the Pool makes a Block, the reward is paid out after two epochs where the block was made.

The Pool has at the moment too few stake, otherwise the Pool would make more blocks, but for the delegators it is the same, after 4-5 epochs the pool usually receives a block, then the delegator receives for that more rewards paid out. If they stake 1 year at our pool their ADA, you get +5% rewards on their deposited stake. If you stake your ADA by another Pool that makes more blocks and pay out after each epoch, they get the same % after 1 year, so it's always the same for you.

There’s no minimum or maximum in regard to delegating.

No! When you stake, your ADA remains within your complete control at all times, and you can transfer, spend, or move your staking delegation to another stake pool at any time.

You can buy Cardano ADA with Fiat (USD, EUR...) on Kraken, Binance or Coinbase.

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