ADA Stake Pool Intro.

campaign Welcome on! Our website will allow you to learn everything there is to know about our Cardano stake pool operation. If you are not familiar yet with what a stake pool is, please explorer our site to learn how this can change the world as well as your financial future. Our goal is to help Cardano to decentralize and it is a pleasure to be part of the Cardano network. We are a team of 2 IT and we are very passionate about the technology behind Cardano. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Delegators Low Fees

redeem We are still a young pool and we are running our operation with a 0% Margin! That’s right, you keep all the profit from your staked coins! We are still collecting the mandatory fixed fee as we cannot remove it by design, but that fee is divided proportionally between all of our delegators, bringing the cost to a tiny fee. Feel free to try us, together we will keep the Cardano network decentralized!


Pool Infrastructure

dns Confidently stake with us! Our infrastructure is well designed for stability and performance. We are currently running 1 block producer coupled with 4 relay nodes. Our network is established locally and in the cloud, combining the advantages of both worlds (two dedicated servers are hosted in Germany and three servers run at our headquarters in Italy). The nodes are linked to the internet with a 100MB fiber connection, all four nodes hardware is top notch, featuring 32Gb Ram and NVMe SSDs storage. All of our nodes are located at different locations. Everything runs on renewable energy such as solar and wind mills. We use UPS to backup the operation in case of a power failure. We guarantee an uptime of 99.9% for maximum rentability of your staking. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions we could answer!

Free Cardano Lottery

dns Win FREE ADA while staking with us! That’s right, we give back to our delegators on every epoch! We have a special page allowing you to enroll into our lottery system and it happens every 5 days (Every Epochs). We want to thank every delegators for trusting us in our mission to make Cardano a true decentralized blockchain and for that we want to give back. Anyone can participate and win. Simply delegate at least 500 ADA to 888Pool [Ticker: 888], and then, come to our Cardano lottery page every 5 days to register your participation for the current epoch! :)

Stake ADA With Us

group To delegate your ADA with us, you will need to install a Cardano Wallet. We recommend using Yoroi or Daedalus as they are the official wallets from Cardano. Yoroi allows you to start staking really quick, Daedalus requires more time as it needs to download the entire blockchain into your computer. After installing the wallet, transfer some ADA to your wallet and within the wallet software, look for the delegation section, search for '888' or '888Pool' and you will find us. Feel free to contact us if you need some help setting up your wallet and/or staking with us!

Cardano Epoch

auto_graph Cardano Epochs are like PayDay! Every 5 days, the Cardano Network changes its Epoch cycle and every stakers receives rewards in the form of ADA Coins automatically added to the wallets. The new added coins will also be automatically staked and the future rewards will be compounded. You can set up a wallet, stake your coins and forget for years. The average reward rate is about 5% APY. To check on your rewards, you can use a tool such as : Check ADA Rewards

Pool Statistics

  • 44 Stakers
  • Only 1.74% Saturated
  • 5.00% Average ROA
  • 100% Average Luck
  • 1196327.17₳ Live Staked
  • 90 Blocks Minted
  • 0 Current Blocks
  • 30000₳ Pledged
  • Cost 0% + 340ADA
    340ADA fee is divided between all our stakers

ADA Chart